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Next Step International Academy is designed to provide young Student-Athletes with an excellent and safe environment necessary for their academic and athletic development.

Your Future Starts Now

Enjoy our corporate video! The best way to know our mission: basketball, high training level, social integration and school education. 

This is our story, this is our way of working!

An amazing location

Located in Rapallo, a major city in the Gulf of the Tigullio region, only 30km from Genova (600k population), it offers life in one of the most beautiful areas in Italy. Rapallo is placed right next to Santa Margherita and Portofino which are both extremely prestigious and famous elite resorts. With a mild climate, adventages of a small city lifestyle and opportunities from the city of Genova just 30 minutes away, Rapallo is the perfect enviroment for young student athletes.

Basketball Development

The Academy was born with the idea to give a chance to young talented players from all over the world to improve their skills and to give them a possibility to move forward in their basketball carrier. The players have all the necessary attention to develop, starting from excellent basketball coaches, strengh and conditioning coaches , they are all focused on the individual improvement of every person. However most importantly the academy is followed by many Italian coaches and scouts who are recruiting new players for higher level from Next step every year. The international coaches and athletic trainers we try to develop a technic and athletic work for each of our athletes. We prepare our guys for a pro basketball career in the best possible way. So we are waiting for you at Next Step academy, because your future starts now.

“Sports Leader” Italian agency is in close collaboration with Next step academy.

Players here have the opportunity to participate in Italian basketball youth and senior championship, including multiple international tournaments during the season.

Social Integration and School Education

School education is very important for us as well as basket. When the players come to Italy don’t speak italian so they need a lot of help for school. With the tutors we try to help them as much as we can, in activities in the afternoon and lessons. Our tutors follow also the relationship with the school. School is a prestigious Italian public school nearby the apartment. Classes are in Italian. Walking distance to and from school, gym, grocery store etc, a friendly and welcoming community ready to help kids adapt to the Italian culture is what makes Next Step International Academy the perfect place for aspiring student athletes who want unique international experience and take the next step in their lives. 

Like a family: Housing experience!

Housing in very nice, completely furnished apartment, located only a few minutes walk from school and gym. 2 or 3 kids for room with an adult (tutor) living with them in the apartment. Food is served in the apartment and coocked by an excellent cook. A lot of attention was paid to the common areas: gym, canteen, a full service laundry and a beautiful terrance also. In addition a common space is reserved for the homework and school activities. A big organization, a lot of comfort! 

Ask us information

Next Step International Academy Corso Goffredo Mameli 210i Rapallo 16035

+39 347 654 4216